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Mental Load Test

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How to use the Mental Load Test

First, select the sections that are appropriate for your life situation. The first section is for all couples and caregivers, whether or not they have children or dependents with care needs. If you have children, add the second section. If you have dependents in addition, please also select the third section.

Then look at all the tasks in the following list and put a cross behind the ones that you do mostly or equally at home. You may tick the second box next to it if you also think about this task, i.e. if you carry the mental load for this task yourself.

If you are unsure whether you should set a cross, leave the task unaswered. If a task does not occur at your house, choose doesn’t apply. 

It takes approx. 15 minutes to fill out the test.

At the end of the test, you will receive a score which you can have sent to you by e-mail. If your partner also takes the test, you can compare your results afterwards and talk about them.

Quick instructions

Tick what you do mostly or at least equally in your home: "I do it".
Tick if you're the one who ususally or at least 50% of the time thinks of the task: "I remember to do it".
If you are unsure whether to tick, leave it unanswered.
If a task does not occur at your house, choose the answer option "doesn't apply".

Select the applicable areas

All care-communities, for example couples
... with children
…with other family members to care for

Usage notice

Please do not use the browser function One Page Back while performing the Mental Load Test. You can use the navigation elements that are displayed in the test instead.

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